Our Approach

A dedicated team built on security, compliance and service.

Through technology and teamwork, we collaborate to ensure clear and accurate
communication and reporting.

Simplifying Complexity

BBR’s robust client administration team takes the administrative burden off of our clients to simplify their lives. We assist clients in cash movements and paperwork execution, and manage their individual portfolio positions, reconciling prices daily. We also increase efficiency by providing tax reporting directly to our clients’ advisors.

Flexible Technology, Comprehensive Reporting

Our recordkeeping and reporting system is the backbone of our analytical capabilities. It incorporates both privately and publically held assets across multiple custodians, allowing each client to see their entire wealth picture. In addition to our monthly statements and customized portfolio reviews, we offer a secure client website with consolidated easy-to-understand reports updated daily. Our clients’ accountants and advisors are also able to access timely and accurate tax reports from this site.

Robust Technology, Security and Process

Our technology is state-of-the-art and has been specifically built to provide accuracy, efficiency and safety in transactions and reporting. We continually invest in our systems and training to secure privacy and ensure compliance. We are committed to the highest ethical standards, and our culture of accountability permeates all aspects of our business, from hiring to developing operational procedures. Our established internal compliance policies and procedures, monitored by our Compliance Committee and supervised by direct managers, include mock audits, comprehensive compliance training for new employees, a mandatory companywide annual compliance meeting and the monitoring of personal security transactions by the Chief Compliance Officer.