Our Investment Process

An independent manager of managers.

Our deep networks and thorough process allow us to identify and monitor managers in every strategy.

Manager Access

There are a large and growing number of managers available to high-net-worth individuals around the world, and BBR Partners has the relationships, infrastructure and insight to assess their effectiveness and tap their expertise. Given our New York location in the center of the financial world, we are able to meet with managers on a daily basis. Our size enables our clients to access an extensive array of managers, often with reduced fees, while our boutique approach keeps us nimble and adaptable to change.

Exhaustive Research for Insightful Conclusions

We seek insight from multiple resources and actively pursue opportunities, conducting approximately 1,000 discussions with managers across a variety of asset classes and strategies every year. Through this discourse, we gain a unique perspective, synthesizing the array of opinions and observations garnered from sophisticated investment minds. This clarity allows us to identify macro trends and evaluate opportunities, resulting in meaningful action in client portfolios.


Exclusive Relationships Built Through Experience

  • Best-in-class investment firms
  • Premier Wall Street firms
  • Client networks
  • Top institutional investors
  • Other wealthy investors with single family offices
  • Established business schools


Disciplined Monitoring & Due Diligence

Our due diligence process was designed to safeguard our clients’ assets and mitigate risk. We examine manager quality by regularly monitoring each manager’s investment portfolio and business. Our team continually reevaluates our existing portfolios and modifies them when appropriate to provide optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Tax Awareness and Alignment

We focus on finding creative tax-efficient solutions to tax-inefficient investment strategies and consider the tax implications of all our investment decisions. We work with managers who share similar tax sensitivity, where appropriate, and prefer managers with personal wealth invested alongside investors.