Investing for Families

An exclusive wealth advisor.

For more than a decade, we have stayed focused on family wealth so our clients can focus on what is important to them.

Transparency, Objectivity and Breadth

As no one firm can excel in all areas of in-house investment management, we are structured as an independent manager of managers, accessing top investment managers by selecting from the array all firms have to offer. We do not receive any compensation from any investment managers or third-party providers, allowing us to objectively select the most appropriate managers for each client.

Unique Approach to Asset Allocation

We believe that long-term results begin and end with the right mix of asset classes. For this reason, we create customized asset allocations, focusing on sophisticated strategies instead of simplistic definitions of asset classes. We carefully evaluate each investment to determine its risk/return characteristics, then structure unique asset allocations with complementary low-risk and aggressive components.

Thoughtful Risk for Optimal Returns

We understand how to combine managers with low correlations to one another to create diversified and tax-efficient portfolios, customized to best suit the needs of each client. Regardless of an individual’s risk-tolerance, our goal is to take smart risks, where the upside is attractive enough to outweigh the downside. We manage risk by having a deep understanding of current and potential quality managers.

BBR’s Investment Services

  • Develop customized asset allocations
  • Leverage networks of managers
  • Conduct intensive due diligence on identified managers
  • Monitor managers on an ongoing basis

Strategic and Opportunistic Investing 

While each client’s strategic allocation is determined by their individual long-term objectives, we act tactically within particular strategies as opportunities become more or less attractive. Client portfolios are dynamically positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace in multiple ways including strategy weightings, manager selection and security selection.