Working with Families

A multidisciplined approach for multigenerational wealth.

We foster an environment where families thrive through our sensitivity to each family’s dynamics, tailored service and collaborative counsel.

Multigenerational Counsel

Each family has its own goals and dynamics that afford great opportunities when managed smartly and skillfully. Whether a client has inherited wealth or recently created it, our goal is to prepare and empower each family member according to their preferences and needs. This flexible, comprehensive approach allows us to successfully engage multiple members across generations.

Dedicated Team

Our cohesive culture and high staff-to-family ratio translate into the highest level of client service. As no two families are alike, we specifically design multidisciplinary teams to suit each family’s needs and style. Each team is led by a Client Portfolio Management Director, who oversees all the family’s financial matters, including their portfolios, investments and coordination with outside advisors. The Director is supported by a Vice President and two Associates with specialties in wealth management, investment management and administration.

Simple Questions, Complex Implications

  • How was money handled in your family when you were growing up? Was there enough money, a lot or too little?
  • Do you consider yourself a gambler?
  • What’s your greatest accomplishment? How did you achieve it?
  • If you could do anything with this capital today, what would you do? In 20 years?
  • How are you raising your children to understand money?

Insightful Collaboration

Our team works with each family member to understand what drives their decisions and what they value. These collaborative conversations provide the context to develop a financial strategy and asset allocation to meet each family member’s goals, taking into consideration risk tolerance, return objectives and liquidity needs. The nuances of these important conversations cannot be captured in a standardized questionnaire or series of checked boxes. Our dialogue establishes a foundation of trust to help facilitate family collaboration that ensures a family’s legacy – values and wealth – extends well beyond the customary two generations.