Our Tailored Approach

Customized plans and education to foster growth.

We believe that knowledge is at the core of informed decisions, so we maintain open lines of communication and encourage ongoing education.

Integrated Wealth Management

With an understanding of a family’s objectives and priorities, we develop a customized, holistic plan. To accomplish each member’s goals, we incorporate all aspects of their financial lives. Our objective is to integrate trust and estate planning to ensure wealth transfer goals, tax planning for the greatest efficiency, philanthropic solutions to facilitate charitable goals and insurance assessment for risk management. These areas are reviewed as often as needed in response to changing life circumstances and goals.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

BBR Partners is a unique blend of Wall Street talent and wealth management professionals. As our client service team includes formerly practicing lawyers, accountants and insurance professionals, we are able to seamlessly evaluate and incorporate all aspects of our clients’ complex financial lives into one streamlined strategy.

Emphasis on Education

We believe knowledge breeds confidence and security. Our clients stay engaged and informed through regular meetings to discuss portfolio specifics. We also offer a myriad of programs to educate them about their financial lives. Through client events, teleconferences and our financial education series, we delve into topics such as the dynamics of current investment opportunities, macroeconomic themes and raising financially fit children. Depending on a family’s level of interest, we also design educational programs tailored to meet their explicit needs.