Our Unique Community

Opportunities for growth outside your portfolio.

We choose our clients with care to build long-term partnerships.

Selectivity to Build Community

Like our clients, we look to create long-lasting, collaborative relationships with families. For this reason, we dedicate time with potential clients to understand their needs and preferences. This dialogue allows us to gain perspective to ensure that each new engagement will benefit the individual client as well as our community of clients. As a result of our commitment to this introductory process, we have built an enduring community of engaged and satisfied clients.

Fostering Connections, Inspiring Ideas

BBR serves a rich client group with diverse backgrounds and interests. Our clients include entrepreneurs, beneficiaries of inherited wealth, executives of Fortune 500 companies, and investment professionals with hedge fund, private equity and real estate backgrounds. Our clients appreciate our regular events, where they can interact and network with one another and external experts, sharing thoughts and insights on topics ranging from educating the next generation to effective philanthropy to business ideas. Given our extensive experience with a diverse group of investment managers and service providers, including accountants, attorneys and insurance professionals, we are also able to make introductions to best-in-class service providers as needed.

The Composition of Our Client Base

We partner with families and individuals across the United States and internationally. Our clients are both entrepreneurs as well as individuals who have inherited their wealth. We work with multiple generations within families and are able to serve as a resource for investors of any age, regardless of an individual’s level of investment sophistication. Our clients value our independent advice and appreciate the difference between our intimate culture and that of a large brokerage firm.


 BBR Best Serves Clients Who:

  • Expect personalized, detailed service
  • Seek independent advice and objective counsel
  • Require sophisticated management and smart solutions to complex financial matters
  • Look to build upon their investment knowledge